Personal del Centro de Información



Dr. Liat Josefsberg Ben-Yehoshua,

Manager ofthe Information Center. Liat received her Ph.D. in Biology from The Weizmann Institute of Science and her M.A. in Talmudic Studies and Jewish Education from the Schechter Institute of Jewish Studies. She served as a teacher and R&D curriculum coordinator for gifted pupils at The Davidson Institute of Science Education, and as a lecturer at Mechinat Lachish, under the auspices of the Meitarim Network for Jewish Democratic Education. She also leads MOFET’s post-doctoral program as well as the Israeli Ed.D. initiative at the Research Authority.

Bases de datos académicas y servicios de referencia

Irena Daichman |
An information specialist and the coordinator of MOFET’s Information Center, Irena holds an M.A in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Donetsk Polytechnic Institute.
Netta Ben-Shitrit |
An information specialist in education at MOFET’s Information Center, Netta holds a B.A. in Political Science and an M.A. in Information Science from Bar-Ilan University. She is the sub-editor of MOFET’s Jewish Portal of Teacher Education.

Portal Masá

Dr. Avi Garfinkel |
The editor-in-chief of the Masa Portal. Avi received his Ph.D. in literature from Bar-Ilan University. He served as a lecturer for literature and writing at Sapir, Lewinsky and Shalem Colleges in Israel. Prior to his current position at The MOFET Institute, he published three novels.
Dr. Pnina Katz |
A content and pedagogical editor of the Masa Portal. Pnina received her Ph.D. from Tel Aviv University in educational studies focusing on teacher education. She served as a school teacher for 11 years and then as a teacher educator at Levinsky College of Education in Tel Aviv. She is the vice editor of MOFET’s academic journal of teacher education, Dapim.

Crítica Literaria

Dr. Daniel Sperling |
An analytic information specialist and editor in the Literature Review Unit and editor of the Research Tools database at MOFET’s Information Center. Daniel received his Master’s and Doctorate degrees in Law from the University of Toronto, Canada, and his Bachelor’s degree in Law and Philosophy from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Prior to his current position, Daniel served as a senior lecturer at the School of Public Policy and School of Public Health at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, as a director and founder of the Jerusalem Forum for Bioethics, and as a member of The Hebrew University’s Ethics Committee for Research on Human Subjects. In addition to his work at The MOFET Institute, Daniel teaches courses in the Master’s program in Law at the University of Haifa and Bar-Ilan University.
Dr. Amalia Ran |
An analytic information specialist and an editor in the Literature Review Unit at MOFET’s Information Center. Amalia received her Ph.D. from the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at the University of Maryland, College Park, and worked as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln, where she specialized in contemporary Latin American literature and Jewish Latin American culture. From 2009 to 2012, she conducted her post-doctorate research at Tel Aviv University and worked as a senior lecturer in the same institution. Currently, she is also a researcher at the Sverdlin Institute for Latin American History and Culture at Tel Aviv University.