Resumen de proyectos

PROTEACH – Promoting teachers’ success in their induction period
  • Program / action line / deadline: 
    Erasmus+ / Capacity building in the field of higher education (national, joint project) / 10.2.16
  • Coordinator:
    Kibbutzim College
  • MOFET’s partners: 
    Beit Berl CollegeKaye CollegeUniversity of Bucharest (Romania), University of Exeter (UK), and University of Tallin (Estonia)
  • Essence of the project: 
    Capitalizing on the experience of the European members of the consortium and on the lessons learned from the Israeli incubator induction model (“chamamot”) implemented by some of the partners in previous years, the project will create a more effective model of teacher induction.
The HORIZON 2020 project, entitled “” CS-Track“, will be conducted under the leadership and coordination of MOFET, and with the co-participation of a multi-disciplinary team from eight institutions from six European countries (universities, research institutes and companies from Austria, Belgium, Finland, Germany, Greece and Spain).
 This 36-month long project, which is scheduled to begin in December 2019, aims at expanding the knowledge on Citizen Science (CS) activities and their actual and potential impact on education and science at the level of individuals, organizations and society.
  • GISTIS- Development for Integrating Geographic Information Systems in Teacher-Training in Israel.
  • Promentor – Promoting Mentors Work in Education.
  • LETSBRI- Learning in English Together – Bridging Cultural Differences through Education.