​​​Academic databases and reference services

Our information specialists maintain our databases and provide services to teacher educators. These services are available to faculty members teaching in colleges of education.

Data management

  • Data mining and retrieval;
  • Storing and managing data;
  • Cataloguing and classification;
  • Research and teaching database: A collection of books, academic journals, and selected manuscripts, as well as the Information Center’s dissertation, research, and research tools databases, published both in Hebrew and English and encompassing topics pertaining to teacher education, teaching, and learning;
  • Database of doctoral dissertations on education and teacher education published by researchers from the field of education in Israel, mainly in Hebrew;
  • Database of research reports: A collection of research reports in Hebrew, written by faculty members in colleges of education;
  • Database of research tools: A unique collection of research tools (surveys, observations, interviews, and so on) derived from our dissertation and research reports databases. Each tool is characterized by its research method, its validity, and its reliability;
  • Database o​f conferences in education​: An updated collection in English of conferences and meetings, focusing on education;
  • Subscription to external databases, in Hebrew and English, specializing in teacher education.

Referral services (within or outside of the organization)

  • Reference queries: Personalized service offering a search by keywords through our internal and external databases. The queries are stored in the query archive and can be accessed online.
  • Bi-monthly publication of a collection of selected manuscripts in education published in international academic peer-reviewed journals. The collection is published in English.

Data literacy

  • Training sessions on topics such as data literacy, use of databases, academic citation, etc. The training sessions can be performed individually or in groups.​