Dr. Liat Josefsberg Ben-Yehoshua,

Manager ofthe Information Center. Liat received her Ph.D. in Biology from The Weizmann Institute of Science and her M.A. in Talmudic Studies and Jewish Education from the Schechter Institute of Jewish Studies. She served as a teacher and R&D curriculum coordinator for gifted pupils at The Davidson Institute of Science Education, and as a lecturer at Mechinat Lachish, under the auspices of the Meitarim Network for Jewish Democratic Education. She also leads MOFET’s post-doctoral program as well as the Israeli Ed.D. initiative at the Research Authority.

The academic databases and reference services team

Irena Daichman
An information specialist and the coordinator of MOFET’s Information Center, Irena holds an M.A in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Donetsk Polytechnic Institute.
Netta Ben-Shitrit

An information specialist in education at MOFET’s Information Center, Netta holds a B.A. in Political Science and an M.A. in Information Science from Bar-Ilan University. She is the sub-editor of MOFET’s Jewish Portal of Teacher Education.
Dr. Erez Zavelevsky
Dr. Erez Zavelevsky received his master’s degree  and PhD in the field of Educational management at Bar Ilan University. His areas of expertise are the induction and retention of novice teachers in schools and parental involvement in schools. Erez serves as  a lecturer at the Open University.

The Masa Portal team

Dr. Avi Garfinkel

The editor-in-chief of the Masa Portal. Avi received his Ph.D. in literature from Bar-Ilan University. He served as a lecturer for literature and writing at Sapir, Lewinsky and Shalem Colleges in Israel. Prior to his current position at The MOFET Institute, he published three novels.
Dr. Vered Refaely
A content editor in Masa Portal. Vered completed a PhD in Cognitive Psychology at Southampton University in England. She teaches courses in Psychology and Education at Ben-Gurion University and at Kibbutzim Seminar, and teaches personal and academic writing at Mofet Institute. Vered is also a teacher of Mindfulness on behalf of Muda Institute, IDC Herzliya.

The Literature Review team 

Dr. Barak Bar-Zohar

A teacher education information scientist and Masa information portal editor. Earned his M.A. at the Department of Communication at Tel Aviv University and Completed his Ph.D. at the Department of Communication at the University of Haifa. Among other academic experiences, he served as a lecturer at the University of Haifa’s Department of English as a Foreign Language, as a teaching assistant at Raphael Recanati International School at the Interdisciplinary Center and as a research assistant at Sammy Ofer School of Communications at the Interdisciplinary Center.

Dr. Etan Bloom

Dr. Etan Bloom is a culture researcher and a dramaturge.  His doctorate was submitted to Tel- Aviv University and published in a book with the title “Arthur Ruppin and the Production of Pre-Israeli Culture” (Brill 2011). Bloom wrote several articles about the transformation of Judaism by Zionism. Bloom is also a graduate of Nissan Nativ Acting Studio and worked as an actor, translator and director in many theatre productions.