Academic Units for Supporting Teacher Educators

Professional Development

These are MOFET’s core units. They were all designed to assist the teacher educator in becoming a better skilled, up-to-date, innovative and constantly developing professional
Head: Dr. Sara Ziv
To present MOFET’s unique model and make its knowledge and experience in the field of teacher education, available to the global education and teaching community; to form international professional ties and projects.
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Head: Dr. Doron Lederer
To consolidate the professional perception of teachers and teacher educators and to furnish them with essential tools in fields such as Mentoring and Instruction; Management in Academic Institutions; Research and Evaluation; and more.
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Head: Dr. Dudu Rotman
To encourage teacher educators to write and publish books which enable them to transform their personal theoretical and practical knowledge into public knowledge that is available to the education community.
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Head:  Dr. Ainat Guberman
To promote research activity among teacher educators, thereby creating a knowledge base in various fields of education, teaching-learning, and teacher education. This knowledge base provides policy makers with useful information for making education-related decisions.
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Head:  Dr. Ariel Friedman
The Collegial Meetings Channel coordinates inter-collegial encounters for the professional development of teacher educators in different frameworks and varied fields. In these meetings, the participating colleagues clarify common issues; discuss research; create and disseminate knowledge; consolidate stand-points in the field of teacher education, writing position papers, and more.
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Head: Dr. Liat Josefsberg Ben-Yehoshua
To accumulate and organize databases of materials and documents that are unique to teacher education, and to make them easily accessible to the education community; To supply professionals and policy makers with analytical literature reviews.
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Head: Sharon Greenberg
To bring new knowledge to the teacher education system in the field of Technology and Innovation in Education; to disseminate this knowledge within the system.
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