Academy Scholarship Application Form

Dear Principal/Head of Institute,
Please read the Scholarship Regulations below before filling in the Application Form. Once you fin i sh reading, please confirm that you accept the terms listed, and continue to the application form. Fill in all the requested details, submit, and we will get back to you.

The Online Academy Team
The MOFET Institute

Scholarship Regulations

The aim of our scholarship system is to encourage educational institutions and frameworks to enhance and expand the pedagogical and content knowledge of their teaching staffs and students.
  • The application is institutional and must include the precise details of the institution and the candidate (as specified in the application form).
  • An institution may receive a scholarship for one course in each of the fields offered (see options in the form)
  • .In case of more than one applicant from the same Institution, a separate form must be filled out for each.
  • An institution may only apply for a scholarship for a course in which it has not previously been granted one.
  • A participant who is granted a scholarship cannot be counted in a ‘group registration discount’.
The head of the institute, submitting the application(s) must commit to:
  1. Submit fully completed application forms.
  2. Ensure that each participant has the appropriate conditions for meeting the course requirements (working out a timetable, availability of technological infrastructures, provision of supplementary materials, etc.).
  3. Submit an online feedback report in the middle and at the end of the course attesting to the progress of his participant.
  4. Ensure that each participant actually meets all of the course requirements.
  5. Ensure that each participant submits an online feedback at the end of the course.
In the event that a student must terminate his studies in the course, the head of the institution must submit a written notice detailing the reasons for the withdrawal, and receive the approval of the head of MOFET’s Online Academy.
In the event of termination of studies without formal notification and/or without justification, the participant will not receive a certificate of course completion and the institution will not be eligible to request an additional scholarship for studies at the Academy.