Becoming an Online Tea​cher: Thinking It, Trying It​, Doing It

What are the milestones on the journey to becoming an online teacher? Which components of the face-to-face classroom have a place in the online classroom? What adaptations are required? Which aspects of the online context redefine the essence of learning, teaching, and assessment? These are some of the questions that will be considered as we examine the range of strategies that the online instructor can choose from in the design, development, and implementation of e-learning. The strategies themselves will be implemented as each participant designs, develops, and coordinates a personal online course using the Moodle platform. In addition to the role of online course developer and teacher, each participant will simultaneously play the role of learner in selected online courses of fellow participants, both to experience others’ translations of online pedagogy into practice and give feedback to them, and to become part of the target learner groups in the courses of others.
In the framework of this course, you will:
Understand the principles of course design and apply these in the design of your online course;
Analyze the content and topics of a course that you teach or are familiar with, and transform these into a set of instructional units suitable for the online context;
Compare synchronous and asynchronous modes of online communication;
Examine ways in which synchronous and asynchronous online communication can be maximized to create an Internet-based learning community;
Expand on both the content and the communicative aspects of two or three instructional units in the online course you choose to develop;
Adapt principles of assessment to the online context you develop;
Run your developed course with peers over a period of three weeks near the end of the semester and participate in selected courses of peers;
Independently explore one or more enrichment topics related to online teaching and learning (optional).
The Course Outline
The course targets teachers and teacher educators interested in learning about online course development and/or becoming online instructors​.
– English fluency;
– An academic degree at Bachelor’s level.
Dr. Sarah Schrire​​

Dr Schrire holds a PhD in Computing Technology in Education from Nova Southeastern University in the United States and a second PhD in English Literature from Bar-Ilan University in Israel. She was a pioneer in the integration of computers in teaching and learning into the mainstream school system in Israel, where she worked for twenty years. Since the early 1990s, she has pursued a career in teacher education at the Kibbutzim College of Education.  Between 1991 and 2005, she was involved in the development of materials for online learning at the Israel Center for Educational Technology, where she headed various important internet-based projects. She subsequently served as an active member of a multinational team, representing the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in an innovative EU project, “KP Lab”, which focused on the advancement of knowledge practices in the digital age. 

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