Information literacy: How to search, access and retrieve information sources

In the age of information proliferation, the need to acquire skills for understanding and discerning the wide range of sources available via the WWW has become critical. Proficiency in searching, locating, accessing, and evaluating information sources is important in all fields. The course will provide students with a practical knowledge of information literacy skills, specifically the processes of conducting searches and accessing various information sources. Teachers will gain additional skills and orientations for coping with their students’ digital information environments and abilities. Awareness and a better understanding of the information world will enrich and diversify the teaching experience for both teachers and students. Teachers will also be exposed to open courseware sources and benefit from the richness and diversity of the materials.
The course will offer practice in searching and retrieving information sources from the Invisible Web as well as in the efficient use of popular search engines. The course is conducted as a workshop; assignments will be given throughout its duration.
  • Introduction to the Internet and the Web
  • Information literacy skills for educators as a crucial component of 21st-century education
  • Information search – basic and advanced techniques
  • Social network search engines as an information tool
  • Searching the Invisible Web (in different subjects)
  • Multimedia search (images, movies, videos, music, and games)
  • Open access to reference and academic sources
  • Searching, retrieving, and accessing E-books
  • Open educational databases and open courseware
  • E-commerce and economic information sources
  • Evaluation of information sources
  • Big data​
The target population of the course is wide and heterogeneous. It includes educators, teachers, scholars, and people employed in a wide variety of disciplines​.
– English fluency;
– Computer literacy.
An article by the Lecturer:

Dr. Riki Green​berg (MLIS)​
Dr. Greenberg holds a Ph.D. degree in Information Science from the Department of Information Science at Bar-Ilan University, Israel. She works as a reference and IT librarian at the University of Haifa’s Younes and Soraya Nazarian Library in Israel. She has been a qualified lecturer in information science and technology for the last 15 years, and is also employed as a teacher at the Western Galilee Academic College. She is a member of the editorial board of Israel’s journal of information science, Meidaat, a special consultant for the Ministry of Education’s Electronic Books Project, and a winner of the Finkler Award for special research in information science.
Mrs. Greenberg has published articles in English and in Hebrew in peer-reviewed journals. Her main research interests include information behavior, information search, digital log analysis, academic libraries, and students’ information needs.​​
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