​Integrating Technologies into the Teaching of the Jewish Year Cycle

This cutting edge course will give teachers the tools to integrate computers and the internet in their lessons while teaching the Jewish cycle. Teachers will learn and practice a variey of multi-media tools and programs and together form interactive lesson plans for the various Jewish festivals for their pupils.
Adding Technology to the Jewish year cycles. Each unit is based on a different festival or event in the Jewish calender.

Unit 1
Introductions: All about pictures
Where can you find pictures?
What copyright issues are there?
What quality of photos is required?
How do you save adapt and cut pictures?
Where can I store my pictures?

Unit 2- Ready made v open material
Where can I find and what closed resources are available online for teaching the Jewish year cycle?
what are open sources?
How can I use these to fit my material?
Unit 3- Online posters, treasure hunts and virtual tours
What is an online poster?
How can it be used to teach the Jewish year cycle?
How can I evaluate the pupils’ work
What are treasure hunts?
How can we move from lower to higher ordered thinking to teach the Jewish year cycle with technology?
How can I write treasure hunts for my class?
What type of virtual trips can I have for my pupils?
Unit 4- Advertisements and radio programs
What is a podcast?
How can I use the audacity program?
Where can I find music and sound effects?
What types of activities can I do use sound files?
Unit 5 -Making movies
How can you use movies for teaching?
Why make your own movies?
How do you do it?
Teachers, Teacher educators.
Computer and internet skills.

Dr ​Elaine Hoter

Dr Hoter received her doctorate from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, in 2001 in the field of online learning in teacher education. She is a senior lecturer at Talpiot college of Technology. She taught the first online course in Israel in 1995 English through the Internet and co-chaired the first online conference for teacher educators. Elaine is a Fulbright scholar and co-founder of the Center for Technology and Multiculturalism. She has led workshops in South Africa and Rome to help teachers integrate technology into the field of Jewish studies.


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