​​​​The UNICKO System

Participant’s Guide

The Unicko system enables synchronous group sessions to be held in the framework of distance learning or a professional webinars.
The system boasts a range of tools such as video, spoken dialogue, a writing pad, screen sharing, chat, and so on.
The system can be utilized by means of the browsers: Chrome, Edge and Firefox.
The system can be used on mobile appliances with an Android or IOS operating system.
Entry into the system is achieved via a link to the session classroom. No program installation is required.
Prior to entering the virtual classroom, you can ensure that your microphone is operational by means of the “Check Microphone” button.


Student Interface

If you have any queries or problems, you can contact us and we’ll be glad to be of assistance:
Dr. Arye Ben-Chayim, Director of the Online Academy – aryebh@macam.ac.il
Simone Brown, Coordinator of the Online Academy simone@macam.ac.il
International Channel Secretariat international@macam.ac.il; +972-3-6901488​