Online forums serve as a joint framework for individuals, all over the world, sharing common interest and topics regarding their educational work.
This framework enables the following: Personal and professional communication, support, and an exchange of opinions; Clarification of central issues; joint work on planning curricula, textbooks and didactic study aids; Dissemination of information about all the above issues; Updating with regard to innovations in the profession; Consultation with colleagues and with expert in the field; and so on.
The forums are run on the Moodle platform, taking advantage of the technological and interactive possibilities it affords. In addition to this asynchronous activity, synchronous encounters are held by means of the  Unicko​ platform. These encounters, which include sound and image, serve as a lively platform for participants to meet and exchange opinions.
Participation in the forums is free of charge, but requires registration in advance.
The International Online Forum for Teachers of Hebrew as an Additional Language

Forum Manager: Hana Dukarker