​​​​​​​​​The Wellbeing of Learners and Teachers in Educational Institutions: Theoretical and Practical Aspects

Online Seminar​ – March 8, 15, 22 & 29, 2017
Education systems worldwide have accepted the fact that a clear, positive correlation exists between students’ wellbeing and the quality of their learning, satisfaction, and academic achievements. In parallel, a positive correlation has been found between the wellbeing of educators in educational institutions and the quality of their teaching and their feeling of professional satisfaction.
The theoretical and practical aspects associated with the bolstering and enhancement of the wellbeing of all partners in the educational institutions will be presented during this online seminar.
The seminar is a collaborative initiative of The MOFET Institute and the Research and Development group (RDC) in Teacher Psychologies of the Association for Teacher Education in Europe (ATEE). ​​
Additional information about the seminar sessions is provided below.​
Target Population
The seminar is intended for anyone who is keen to enrich his/her knowledge of the field. No prior knowledge is required. You can participate in the seminar by means of your personal computer at home or at your place of work.
Teaching Staff
The lecturers are all highly experienced in the field with which they will be dealing in the seminar sessions: Bat-Ami Langman, Dave Read, Dr. Alex Schneider, Dr. Olzan Goldstein​, and Prof. Raj Raghunathan.​​
Seminar Structure and Contents
The seminar, was consisting four 90-minute sessions:​​
Sessi​on 1: ​Mindfulness in daily school life​​​
Lecturer: Bat-Ami Langman 
Date:  March 8, 2017
Session 2: Effective Teaching and Learning through Personal Development and Holistic Wellbeing
Lecturer: Dave Read
Date:  March 15, 2017
Session 3: Wellbeing in Action at Schools and Teacher Education Institutions in Israel
Lecturers: Dr. Alex Schneider & Dr. Olzan  Goldstein​
Date:  March 22, 2017
Session 4: What Does It Take to Lead a Happy and Fulfilling Life?​
Lecturer: Prof. Raj Raghunathan 
Date:  March 29, 2017​