Session 2: Effective Teaching and Learning through Personal Development and Holistic Wellbeing

Lecturer: Dave Read
Date:  March 15, 2017​ 
Experience, enjoy, and learn from this highly practical, therapeutic approach to classroom management and teacher‒pupil interaction. Introducing a number of key themes that challenge some current perspectives, this is a great opportunity not only to experience a sense of profound calm, but also to acquire a toolbox of very practical techniques.​
Dave Read ​
Mr. Read is a highly experienced classroom teacher and professional therapist who founded in 2006. Dave created and developed CoolFire – a therapeutic-based holistic approach to integrating Emotional Literacy as well as broader Mental Health Support and Wellbeing within schools and wider organizations – working with over 7,500 young people of all ages and 3,500 teachers and staff throughout the UK and Europe over the last five years. This has included major projects, residencies, and workshops with Thurrock and Southend Councils; North Yorkshire County Council; the NASUWT and ATL UK teaching unions; the European Union (in Austria); and the University of Belgrade Education Faculty. Dave is now a Co-Chairperson of a new Research and Development Group (RDC) in Teacher Psychologies that he also founded as part of the work of the Association of Teacher Education in Europe (ATEE), which works with teaching universities and the education community throughout Europe.