A Group of Senior Librarians from Africa Visits MOFET​ – November 2014

On Sunday, November 23, 2014, a delegation of senior librarians from academic institutions in Africa visited The MOFET Institute.
Ten experts in the field of librarianship from Nigeria, Kenya, and Zimbabwe, who are participating in a course of information technology at The Galilee College, visited The MOFET Institute in order to hear about the Institute’s uniqueness – in particular, its Information Center and distance learning.

  • The group was greeted by Dr. Michal Golan, head of The MOFET Institute, who stressed the importance of the librarianship profession today. Dr. Golan differentiated between the role of librarians in the past in making knowledge accessible – a task that required skill in order to locate the knowledge – and the role of information experts today in classifying the abundance of information and furnishing the users with the appropriate material, as well as in cataloguing the massive amount of information available nowadays.
  • Dr. Sara Ziv, founder of The MOFET Institute and now head of its International Channel, recounted the history of the Institute, the reasons for its establishment, and the importance of investing in the teacher educators and in their professional development. 
  • Dr. Liat Josefsberg, director of the Institute’s Information Center, spoke to the participants about the Information Center, and about working with the colleges, with the policy makers, and with educators, as well as with sources of knowledge. Dr. Josefsberg stressed the efforts that are being made to house seminar papers, doctoral dissertations, and research studies performed at the colleges of education in the Center. 
  • Penny Barsimantov, coordinator of The MOFET Institute’s International Portals, informed the participants of the portals that are available to educators worldwide. She described how the various items are collected, how they are processed, what can be found in a portal, and how classification is carried out. Penny explained the considerations underlying the choice of specific key words in order to enable the user to pinpoint their search. The participants were extremely interested in everything they heard.
  • The visit concluded with a lecture given by Dr. Sarah Schrire, a senior staff member of the Institute’s International Channel. Her lecture dealt with online learning and its advantages, and highlighted the differences between face-to-face learning and distance learning. Dr. Schrire presented the structure of an online lesson and explained how a simple and active session is created as a result of understanding the participants’ background and training. She stressed the importance of the use of humor and teaching aids. Finally, Dr. Schrire gave the participants tips about things that should be avoided in distance teaching, and sketched a profile of the online teacher.
The group of librarians was very focused and held an in-depth and professional discussing with the presenters.