A Delegation from The Golda Meir Mount Carmel International Training Center
Visits The MOFET Institute – November 2014

On Wednesday, November 19, 2014, 17 educators, participating in a Carmel Center course on “Integrative Education in Early Childhood”, visited The MOFET Institute. The aim of the visit to MOFET was to learn about the Institute’s unique model as well as the preparation of early childhood teachers in Israel.

The group consisted of educators from Armenia, Georgia, Ghana, Kenya, Tajikistan, Macedonia, Thailand, and Vietnam.
  • During the visit, Prof. Miriam Mevorach, head of the School for Professional Specialization at The MOFET Institute and former head of the Early Childhood Education track at Levinsky College of Education, explained the policy of early childhood education in Israel and in academia.
  • Dr. Sara Ziv, founder of The MOFET Institute and now head of its International Channel, addressed the guests about the inception of the Institute, its present channels of activity, and its activity in the international arena, foregrounding its academic content portals. 
  • Dr. Shirli Har Zvi, head of the Forum for Coordinators of the Special Education Track at the colleges of education, together with other members of the forum, explained and demonstrated how the various forums at The MOFET Institute operate, and how this framework affects their work at their mother colleges. Dr. Har Zvi presented a general overview of the forum’s work. This was followed by small discussion groups (led by members of the forum), focusing on the work model of the forums and the preparation of special education teachers in Israel.
  • Finally, Dr. Sarah Schrire, a senior staff member of The MOFET Institute’s International Channel, presented the Institute’s Online Academy, explained several central principles of online teaching, and exemplified what she had said by means of the Online Program for Integrating Technologies into Education.
The participants all wanted to be included on the International Channel’s mailing lists so as to receive ongoing information about future activities, and, in this manner, join the expanding community of education and teacher education throughout the world.