​​21st-Century University – Argentina

Accountant Ignasio Jarma’s visit to The MOFET Institute

On June 13, 2017, The MOFET Institute hosted Accountant Ignasio Jarma of “21st-Century University”, the rector and president of the TECLAB Institute of High Technology.
Accountant Jarma’s visit to MOFET came about as a result of the recommendation of the Argentinian Embassy in Israel, after he had expressed interest in the models and programs developed by the Institute in the fields of innovation in education, inclusion in higher education, and the preparation of teachers and teacher educators.
The MOFET representatives who participated in the meeting introduced the guest to their activities in the fields of information production and management as well as the development and application of innovative digital interfaces.
The guest expressed a great deal of interest in the online courses offered in the framework of MOFET’s Online Academy and in the international content portals that serve as an excellent tool for classifying and disseminating relevant information among the global education community.
During the meeting, the foundations were laid for fruitful cooperation between the two institutions in the planning and implementation of educational projects that will contribute to the professional work of teachers in general and of teacher educators in particular.​