​​​Profe​ssional Visit​ from Ireland​

From June 4 to June 8, a group of teacher educator researchers visited from Ireland. Its members consisted of Mary O’Sullivan, Ann MacPhail, Melissa (Missy) Parker, and Paul Conway from the University of Limerick, as well as Rose Dolan from Maynooth University.
The initial acquaintance with the members of the group was made in the context of The MOFET Institute’s activity in the “InFo-Ted” (International Forum for Teacher Educator Development) enterprise. The objective of the forum is to establish a body dealing with the professional development of teacher educators in Europe. The forum has received support from the European Union in the framework of Erasmus+. O’Sullivan, MacPhail, and Conway are the Irish members of the group. They decided to come to Israel in order to study the activities of The MOFET Institute first-hand and find out what they could implement in their own country.
Among the activities that attracted particular attention were the School for Professional Specialization; the centers for the research and development of the Ministry of Education’s new initiatives in teacher education: academia – classroom; professional communities of leading teachers; simulation centers; and the use of technology for implementing advanced teaching methods. Particular interest was sparked by the activities of the TEC center, which makes use of technology in order to connect pupils from a range of social-cultural backgrounds.
The visitors expressed great interest in MOFET’s international portals in teacher education – online academic databases that are free of charge, open to the entire world, and contain thousands of items in the field of teacher education and teaching. The delegation was interested in the processes of data collection and processing on the portals, and have already informed us that they have recommended them to their colleagues and that they plan to write original items for publication. 
At the end of the visit the guests met with policy makers who presented their vision concerning the preparation and professional development of teachers as well as the special ties with The MOFET Institute as a professional body that helps them realize their vision.