Professional Visit from Norway

On November 6, a group of teacher trainers and researchers from Norway visited MOFET. Its members consisted of Prof. Kari Smith from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology; Prof. Ingrid He​lleve​ and Research Assistant Jeanette Ottersen Hamar from The University of Bergen​; Prof. Knut Steinar Engelsen, Associate Prof. Anne Kristin Rønsen and Research Assistant John Ivar Sunde​, all from The University of Applied Science of West Norway; and Associate Prof. Siv Maaseidvaag Gamlem from Volda University College.
The group requested to visit MOFET and learn about its uniqueness as an institute dedicated to the professional development of teacher trainers.
The first part of the visit was devoted to introducing the Institute. Dr. Michal Golan, Head of MOFET, gave a short overview followed by a deeper look into a number of central relevant activities: MOFET’s Research Authority (presented by Dr. Ainat Guberman, Head of the Authority) and MOFET’s International Portals ( ) and Online Academy (presented by Ms. Penny Barsimantov and Ms Shadia Sbait of MOFET’s International Channel).
The second part of the visit was dedicated to MOFET’s School for Professional Development. Dr. Osnat Rubin and Dr. Betty Toussia-Cohen presented a new study program for pedagogic instructors, followed by Dr. Sara Kleeman who spoke about the independent learner and combined her tals with an actual workshop.
The visitors showed special interest in a number of MOFET’s functions:
  • MOFET as a Community of Communities: The Institute hosts professional communities including both beginning researchers and senior position holders from  colleges of education;
  • MOFET’s Support of Research and Academic Writing: The support is adapted to the various stages in the professional development of teacher trainers;
  • MOFET as a Research Partner of the Ministry of Education: Collaborative endeavors from the initial stage of choosing the topic, through the entire research process;
  • MOFET as an Inter-Cultural Meeting and Learning Center;
  • MOFET as the Professional Home for Teacher Trainers Worldwide.
The discussion held around these issues revealed common challenges facing the hosts and the visitors:
  • The changing role of the pedagogic instructor in the school;
  • The learning triangle: student – pedagogic instructor – training teacher;
  • Duo teaching: working together with a partner;
  • The difficulties in training an independent learner throughout the entire education process;
  • Developing a sense of identification with the organization in an era of mergers between colleges of education.