In and Out of the City - Mobile Learning

Date: Thursday, October 11, 201​8, 9:00PM – 10:30PM – Israel time
Time: 9 pm IST, 3 pm EST, 7 pm GMT (for more time zones – click here​)​
Duration: 1 hour
Registration (Free): closed
Presentations: Part1, Part 2
Recording: click here
What kind of experimental activities can you experience along the marine with university science students?
How can you empower your students’ mathematical skills via modern art exhibitions?
Where can we practice our middle school classification skills?
In this meeting I will discuss the ways in which we can use technology to enhance “Location Based Learning Experimental Activities”. I will share my experience, as a visiting lecturer, at the UNESCO Mobile Learning Week in UPAEP University of Puebla, Mexico and at the Tourism High School in Pinerolo, Italy.
This meeting will enable you to be an active learner – to experience the benefits you will get from this method as teachers, scientists, museum curators and heritage site educators. 
On the Wandering platform you and your students will be able to create original games and routes around your school, museum or town.​


Talila Yehiel​


Talila Yehiel graduated from the Ceramic Design Department at Bezalel Academy of Art. She also holds a Master’s degree from the History of Art Department at Tel Aviv University. She has extensive experience in teaching pupils at all levels as well as in mentoring teachers.
Her academic background, which integrates the material world, the creative process, and the world of research, furnishes her with tools that afford profound insight and a rich diversity of working strategies.
Ms Yehiel has been involved in the creation of special tailor-made sites for museum visits, a project called “Location Based Learning – thewandering”. She has tried it out on various groups of students and adults. Wandering around an exhibition hall by means of this site gets people involved and encourages them to interact with the exhibits. 
Ms Yehiel has used her mobile platform all over the country with science teachers and high-school English teachers as well as with students, and has taught them how to create their own “thewandering” sites.​​ She presented in ecsite ( European Science Museum Conferences 2015 and 2016), and conducted a workshop in Unesco Mobile Learning Week.​​​