5 Things You Can Do with

the International Portal of Teacher Education

Did you know?
An international academic content portal in the field of teaching and teacher education has existed on the web since 2008.
The International Portal of Teacher Education was created by The MOFET Institute’s International Channel, and serves thousands of users.
What does it do?
  • Collects significant content in the field and by doing so helps you cope with information overload.
  • Directs you to updates on research in teacher education and teaching.
  • Offers you an online and fast academic platform for publishing.
Want to know more?
Let’s meet in our FREE online webinar (via “zoom”) on Monday, November 23 2020.
What will the webinar offer?
For those who are not familiar with the Portal, we will introduce its content and the way it is processed and made accessible to our readers.
For those who are already familiar with it, we will present ways to use the Portal as a platform for participation in a global professional community and for online publishing.
Target audience
The webinar is relevant for teacher educators, researchers in education and teacher training, policy makers in education, K-12 teachers and more.
Date: Monday, November 23, 2020
Time: 8 PM IST, 1 PM EST, 6 PM GMT (for more time zonesclick here)
Duration: 1 hour
We use the Zoom platform, which enables you to engage in an interactive discussion with the lecturers and with colleagues around the world, and enriches the lectures with presentations, movies, and teaching programs.
All this is offered while you are sitting comfortably in your armchair at home or in the office,
free of charge.
Instructions for Using ZOOM
Penny Barsimantov is the project manager and coordinator of MOFET’s Academic Portals​.
She holds a Master’s degree in Information Studies from Bar-Ilan University​.
She characterizes social media and web-based projects and has been a user instructor at The MOFET Institute for over 15 years.
Her study and research interests also include SEO, UX and digital marketing.
Do not hesitate to ask questions!
Email us at: international@macam.ac.il
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