About the Publishing House

The MOFET Institute offers a range of both refereed and non-refereed platforms for publishing material on topics pertaining to education and teacher education. Teacher trainers and researchers who deal with these topics are invited to submit manuscripts of books dealing with theoretical-didactic issues, books that combine theory and practice, and research monographs, as well as research papers and so on. The materials that are submitted to refereed platforms undergo review by external readers who are experts in the pertinent areas. 
The above-mentioned publishing platforms – mostly in Hebrew – include the Publishing House, the non-refereed journal Dapei Yozma, and The MOFET Institute’s magazine. They also include an academic refereed journal Dapim – a central journal in Israel in the field of Teacher Education
The publishing house has recently begun to publish online books and to establish cooperative ties with other publishing houses.

Do you work abroad?

How can you make the most of The MOFET Institute’s publishing platforms? You may submit relevant articles in Hebrew for review and publication in Dapim, and in the cases of books written in English that make a unique contribution to the topic of teacher education, their translation into Hebrew and publication will be considered. 
For full details regarding the various publishing platforms, click here!

Our publishing team:

Dr. David Rotman, Head of the Writing Channel and Head of the Publishing House
Dr. Yehudit Shteiman, Academic Editor at the Publishing House
Dr. Sharon Geva and  Dr. Anat Kidron, Editors of the Dapim Journal
Dr. Pnina Katz, Vice- Editor of the Dapim and Dapei Yozma journals
Hanni Shoshtari, Coordinator of the Publishing House
Nitza Nahisey, Coordinator of the Dapim and Dapei Yozma journals