DAPIM – MOFET's Academic Journal

Our academic journal – DAPIM – focuses on theory, research and practice regarding teacher education and professional development. The journal is designated for teacher educators, lecturers and students who are engaged in the field of teaching and education.
This bi-annual journal undergoes external evaluation and judgement, and is edited in accordance with the guidelines and regulations of any top-quality scientific journal.
It is the MAIN refereed journal on Teacher Education in Israel.
DAPIM publishes articles that have yet to be published elsewhere.
Below you can view abstracts of articles published in the latest issues of DAPIM:
DAPIM 66 (October 2017)
DAPIM 67 (March 2018)
DAPIM 68 (July 2018)
DAPIM 69 (November 2018)
DAPIM 70 (May 2019) 


A special DAPIM issue in English dedicated to innovation in teacher education
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