Department of Writing

The range of writing opportunities at the MOFET Institute aims to encourage teacher educators to transform their personal theoretical and practical knowledge into public knowledge that is made available to the community of educators in the teacher education colleges and in the field.

Book Publication

The department receives requests from teacher educators to publish material relevant to teacher education and educators and chooses inter-collegiate teams to prepare the materials. The teacher educators are paid to prepare their work in book form that is then published (usually in Hebrew) and sold on the open market. To date, the department has published 290 books in English and in Hebrew.


The Institute also publishes a refereed academic journal in Hebrew, Dapim, which focuses on the theory, research and practice of teacher education as well as on its development
List of articles

Quarterly Journal

In addition, the MOFET Institute offers the possibility of publication in a professional non-refereed journal which enables the exchange of opinions by teacher educators and the sharing of their experience in the field of teacher education. In hebrew