The Research Authority​

The primary goal of the Research Authority is to foster research and scientific activity among education and teaching professionals who are involved in the teacher education process. The promotion of research in teaching and teacher education constitutes part of the professional development of teacher educators as researchers. Its objective is to expand the research knowledge base of the profession, thereby enabling educational policymakers to draw on it when making education-related decisions in various fields of education, teaching and learning, and teacher education.
Two of the Research Authority’s principal courses of action are conducting research and supporting researchers. The various frameworks of activity offered in these two courses of action are intended primarily for the members of the teaching and teacher education community in Israel, and are formulated accordingly. However, if you work abroad and wish to be included in a particular activity and avail yourself of the services offered by the Research Authority, you are invited to contact us via email: . Every request will be examined in depth and the possibilities and conditions of cooperation will be considered.