Meeting of students from colleges in Israel and Germany in a ceremony and activity day at the end of the M.Teach course

TEC Center’s academic programs are one-year collaborative courses for colleges of education. In these courses, students from Israel’s different population sectors study together in small groups of six students per group (one from each college) in accordance with the TEC Model. They study online, asynchronously, by means of the course website and synchronous lessons, usually every three weeks, in the evening.

After the students become acquainted with their fellow group members from different cultures, and trust is built between them, they meet towards the end of the first semester for a multicultural conference at MOFET Institute. In the second semester, they participate in TEC Center’s Online International Day together with participants from all the TEC programs, and many guests from Israel and abroad. At the end of the academic year, they meet again, either online or face to face, to present the learning products they developed collaboratively in their groups.

Every year TEC Center’s academic programs are updated, and new programs are added, such as:

TEC English

This one-year intercollegiate program brings together preservice English teachers from various colleges of education in order to study in a collaborative online environment. The students

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Master’s degree programs Intercollegiate M.Teach Program A one-year online introductory course to theoretical and practical aspects of teaching in technological environments, and to creating professional

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TEC Sciences

The science world deals with empirical facts and evidence, but does not focus on bridging and connecting beliefs and ways of life. As an innovative

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TEC Environments

Advanced Teaching Environments was the first course developed at TEC Center (2006). Three colleges participated in the course in its first year: Al-Qasemi Academic College

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Meeting of students from all colleges at the ceremony and activity day at the end of the course "Advanced Teaching Environments"